2nd Weekly Appointment

3 Apr

Yesterday I went for the 2nd weekly appointment, which puts me at 37 weeks and 4 days!!!! ahhhh!!!! and….nothing changed.

I don’t know why that is so discouraging or disappointing, because really things could change at any moment   I could be at a 0 and then the next minute in labor.  For some reason though hearing that I was at a 0 just kinda scares me, like what if my body doesn’t go into labor what if I don’t dilate ahhh. Then I have to tell myself it will be ok.  This so isn’t a me thing or even Noah, God is the one that’s really in control of the WHOLE thing, so I know it will be just right when he’s born. He’s had great timing on everything else.  My pregnancy has been a pretty easy one, no scares, just small discomforts..and I know this will be ok too.  

Last night we set up the swings, and the pack ‘n play next to the bed.  I love having that thing next to my bed! It makes it more real, like it really is coming! ahhh.  I’m ready to dress him in his little outfits, and just take care of him.  I’m so lucky that I get to have off 12 weeks with him in the beginning.  It’ll just be me him and G, just hanging out.  I’m ready for that part, and I’m trying to not take this part for granted!


Coming to an end….

1 Apr

The pregnancy is coming to an end…. this Friday I will be 38 weeks.  That is insane! I can’t think of it as this can happen at any time because that will drive me insane! I have a few people telling me that he will com early, I try not to listen to them because I don’t want to get my hopes too high.  Part of me wants him to come on April 20th or a few days after.  I’m not super into astrology, but if he’s born April 19th or before he’ll be an Aries…. and hard headed aries, if he’s born on the 20th or after he’ll be a Taurus… which is loyal, and just not as difficult (sorry to any Aries out there).  Not that I’m like super in to astrology, I kind of relate it to superstitions… I’m not just going to go and walk under a ladder or break mirrors for the fun of it either… ha. 

The miserable part is here.  Its not as bad as the beginning though.  I can’t just get out of bed, I have to roll out, and my entire pelvic region hurts! I pee every hour to every hour and a half…and I’m talking drops.  Last night I woke up with heart burn at 2:15, then again at 4:15 and I was up for good then.  I called in late to work and slept from 8:15-10:15, then from 10:30-11:15.  Its just not a restful sleep.  I am ready, I am ready, but I am scared.  I’m scared of the whole labor part, and just taking care of a baby! ahhhh

Yesterday we had a quiet Easter.  I was TIRED so we were bad and didn’t get up for church.  We ended up going out to Breakfast at 11:30 and then to my Mom’s, and went and watched the Crood’s, it was cute, but I would have been mad if I had to pay for it at the theatre with out a gift card.  Then we went home and died easter eggs and played different games hiding them.  One way we did it was blindfold my younger brother and sister, and me and G told them where to go to get the Easter egg.  It was fun! 



This is my brother, in his blindfold he stuck the string cheese in his mouth and asked “Do I look like one of those gang boss things?” haha

Jarrett, Carlie, and G were the main ones that colored Easter eggs.  Carlie and G are sooooo creative.  After they were done G posted them on Facebook to see who’s eggs would get the most likes… G’s won, but thought they were all good..


Maternity Pictures

28 Mar

Man the evenings go by sooooo quickly! I’m sooo glad that I get to go part-time when Noah’s here, or I’d feel like I never get to see him!

My Mom went out of town yesterday so I picked my brother and sister up from school.  Me and my brother are 15years apart and me and my sister are 17 years apart! ha.  I have a sister that I’m just 2 years apart from too.  Anyway I picked them up from school and brought them back to work and made them do their homework.

 We went home and made this recipe out of my Biggest Loser cook book, baked Ziti, except we used Penne.  It was sooo good.  G had made it for me for Valentines Day a year ago, and I was like why haven’t we had this more often!

Before I knew it it was 7 o’clock! My brother is in a martial arts class so we ran and took him for to that.  Then me, G, and my sister took the dogs for a walk.  We did a mile and a half.  I was fine on the walk but man when we stopped I had a hard time getting back up! I hurried took a shower and we went and got my brother and took him and my sister to their house so they could get ready for bed.  It was almost 9 o’clock! My mom wants them in bed as close to 9 as possible, They got in bed about 9:30 and we left there about 10.  By the time we were ready for bed and done talking it was 11! I just don’t see how working parents do it! I can completely see why so many people eat out all the time and have no time for working out.  There is just no time! Gahh.  You really have to be a team with your spouse in order to get stuff done.  I’m so glad me and G really are.  

We have started making it a point to eat at home every night.  We are trying to just eat out like 2 times a week.  Its just silly for us to spend our spending money on eating out when we buy groceries too.  We’ve done good the last 2 weeks.  We just ate out twice this last weekend. I want to start this habit, because that’s really what it is, because its sooo much healthier to eat at home than to eat out.  You know exactly what’s going in your food, and you can substitute for lower calorie, lower fat options.  

Alright well to finish this post up here are some of my maternity pictures from the other day!


1st weekly appointment

27 Mar

The first appointment went good! He checked me and I’m not dialated…boo, but he is head down, so that’s good.  That’s further than I got I tried to come out butt first.  I’ve always been bad with directions! I’m going to start walking everyday…which is what I should have been doing from the beginning…. oh well there’s no time like the present! We went to my SIL’s last night and she gave me her Moby wrap, and a diaper warmer, and I got a ton of books from some friends of ours.  We are sooo ready for this baby! I got the maternity pictures she took of us, so I hope to put some of those up tomorrow! 23 more days! For now here’s a picture of me at 37 weeks ….in the bathroom…haha 37 Weeks Pregnant

OOOO Soooo Excited!!!!

26 Mar

I’m soooo excited today!!! I just started this blog.  I had another one on a different site, but I rarely updated, so I’m really hoping that I will keep this one up to date! That’s where the previous 2 posts are from, I couldn’t figure out how to bring them over.  There are alot of things going on that I want to remember! I have my first week to week doctors appointment today!!! ahhh!!! I hope maybe I’m dilated some. I really need to start walking more.  3 weeks and 3 days! wooohoo.  I’m not really THAT uncomfortable, sure there are things I don’t like.  Yesterday I peed 8 times in 4 hours, my leg goes numb when I stand now for more than 15 minutes, heart burn, although mine doesn’t really hurt, it just burns, and it just hurts to toss and turn at night.  Ok so this does sound like I’m miserable, but I’m really not I just wanted to write these things down so I could remember them.  

So far I LOVE this WordPress site.  It’s really easy to use, and easy to do different things to your blog.  

Alright well I’ll update ya’ll tomorrow on my progress and hopefully upload a picture!

Almost There 02/27/2013

26 Mar

Its coming up, almost time to have Noah! My due date is 7 weeks away! I’ve talked to alot of people here lately that went into labor 2 weeks early…so I could only have 5 weeks left! ahhh..That is sooo scary and exciting all at the same time. I know I haven’t updated since my last post about how rough first trimester is, but after that its been a breeze! My only symptom that’s carried on through out is my right leg goes numb after I’ve stood or walked for like 30 minutes. Not numb to the point I fall down, but it defiantly gets uncomfortable. I have had heartburn, but its not bad at all. I just eat 2 Rolaids…the mint kind and I’m good. To be honest I’ve enjoyed being pregnant. I LOVE feeling him kick and move. I don’t like when a leg or arm gets caught up in my ribs, but its still kinda cool.

My baby showers are this weekend! I’m so excited! On Saturday my friends and my sister in laws are throwing this one. My SIL’s brother works for a company that has a building that family’s that work there can rent. Its a neat place with playground equipment, and a kids are for them to watch movies and play. There’s a kitchen and an ice machine. The party starts at 3, and will end when we’re done! yay! G’s family tends to be on the late side…haha. They’ll get there when they get there.

Sunday I’m having a baby shower at church. This is just for like an hour and a half, and its come and go. Its really neat. Our church always throws great showers!

I’m so excited to see everyone! That will be fun!

I’m also ready to have them so I can finish getting everything ready! I’m such a planner and preparer, it kills me not being able to get stuff ready, well we have gotten stuff ready as much as we can. The crib was given to us, so we painted it and freshened it up. We’re using some furniture I had, we pained it gray and blue with white knobs. We’re going with a Dallas Cowboys theme. G is a huge fan, good or bad seasons! I’ve also gotten alot of stuff from my SIL. Both of my SILs are done having baby’s and both of their last baby’s were boys so that’s good for me!

Today is my youngest sister’s 12th bday! yay! Crazy, seems like yesterday she was born. She was the BEST baby EVER! sooooooo easy! I honestly barely remember her being a baby baby because she was just so quiet and went with the flow. We’re going out to eat tomorrow and are going to do cake and presents this weekend when my grandparents and other sister are in.

Welp that’s all for now.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to keep up with this thing better. I love reading other people’s blogs and I so want to have that for when my kiddos get bigger!

We’re Pregnant!!!!! 09/16/2012

26 Mar

Warning: this post could be more details than you want to read, but I want to remember every detail so it’s for me.

Back in August the weekend of the 10-12th we met my cousin in New Braunfels to float the Guadalupe River. I knew that it was my time that weekend so I took all the stuff in preparation for it. Nothing had happened by Saturday night, so I kinda thought…hmmm. I’m so regular you could set a calendar to me. Sunday we drove home, on the way home I just had some sorta feeling that something was up. I kept telling Gerardo to find a store, that I wanted to buy a test. We stopped for a few bathroom breaks, but never could find a Wal-mart. When we got home we had to go to Wal-mart for some groceries if we wanted to eat so we bought a few of the cheap pregnancy tests then. I think it was $2.86 for 2. After we got home, I thought well I’ve waited this long I guess I should wait until the morning. I heard that you can get better results then. I took one that morning, but did you know that you can pee too much on one… and it never came up, so I thought I’d take one at lunch. I took another cheap one at lunch, the little line came up, but was a little faded. I got done eating lunch pretty early about 12:30 so I thought I’m gonna run go get an EPT. I went to get that, and we needed some pickles for some fish sandwiches, we were going to eat later in the week. I checked out w/my pickles, and tests and was on my way. I ran home and peed in a cup. That’s the trick, pee in a cup and dip the stick in. The stick instantly absorbed it and pregnant INSTANTLY came up! I couldn’t believe it! I had called Gerardo when the line came up light and told him I think we’re pregnant and told him I was getting another test. I could leave him hanging so I called him back after the EPT came back and was like we are! We were both so excited, and I told him I wanted it to come back positive, and he said the same thing. He said he was going to say that if it hadn’t came back positive he was going to say we need to start trying.

We weren’t really trying. I had gotten off of birthcontrol because it made me sooo moody. I had read a book called taking charge of your fertility, where you measure and chart your temperature everyday. I was doing that with an app on my phone. My periods were sooo short though. My last one was on July 13th and it was only 48 hours long. I had read that when your periods were that short it meant that you weren’t ovulating. I hadn’t been really good at keeping up with my temperature, and had said when I start my next one I’m going to keep my temperature every day… well that one never came! My Mom said that she always got pregnant pretty easy too, and so did my Gran. She said that her dad used to joke that all he had to do was lay his pants on the bed and my Gran would get pregnant! haha!

On my way back to work the song “All Because Two People Fell in Love” came on the radio. I cried! I was excited and scared. We had said we were going to wait for another year. We had just started remodeling our house in the middle of July and we had just moved back into it. It was not close to done. I didn’t know how it would work out with work or anything, but I was happy at the same time. I went to work and called the doctor and scheduled a blood test. It was too late in the day for them to call me with it though. Me and Gerardo were too excited though, we had to tell our family. We went to my Mom’s and told her. She kept saying, “Are you serious?! are you serious?! I’m too young to be a grandma” hahaha. We went and told G’s dad, he was happy, he even shed a few tears. We called his Mom and Sister and they were very excited. We had dinner with Lupe and Eddie that night at Jason’s Deli and told them and Lupe jumped and hugged me. Everyone was VERY excited.

So far everything has worked out. We almost have the house completely done, we are just down to the decorating. The job has worked out amazingly well. I talked to my boss actually this Thursday. There is a girl in our indirect lending department that works a part time job. She opens the savings accounts and funds the loans that we get from the dealership. Well she is pregnant too, and after she has the baby she wants to come back full time to get the insurance. I want to come back part time, so we talked to our boss on Thursday and they said it would be ok. When she has her baby I’ll go to her position, but work full time hours and keep my benefits, then when I have my baby I’ll come back part time. Basically the only benefit I won’t get to keep is my insurance, but I was going to get on Gerardo’s anyway, because its the same price with the baby on it, or the baby and me on it. I get my 5 weeks vacation next year too, and I’m carrying over a week, so half of my time off will be paid. I’m going to take 12 weeks after the baby. I get to keep my 5 weeks of vacation time after I go part time too I just get paid 30 hours a week instead of 40 hours, and can continue putting into my 401K. I’m going to work 8, 8:15-2pm Mon thru Fri. My mom and Gerardo’s Mom are going to watch the baby in the mornings, and Gerardo’s Mom is going to teach it Spanish! Gerardo’s sister is done having baby’s, and his brother think that they are done and both of 1year olds right now so we’ve got a ton of hammy downs coming too!

We are soooo extremely blessed! Its definetly not luck, its blessings and this is definetly how God wants it to be! After I found out about my job I thought I’m never worrying again! God is in control!

About the pregnancy so far: At first I felt fine, I had NO symptoms. I thought this is wonderful! I assumed that some were gonna come though so we worked very hard to get the house done. We found out on Monday the August the 13th and by the 24th my boobs were killing me. I was like what is this?! I did not think that this is what breast tenderness would feel like. Then the following Monday the nausea came on, by Wednesday it was full blown. Looking back it seems like its been going on a lot longer. I didn’t throw up for a long time, I felt like I could. Its constant right at my throat. I didn’t listen to people when they talked about being sick. I honestly thought pregnant women were exagerating. Let me tell you they are NOT. It is BAD! Not only are you nauseous, but you just feel blah. I haven’t been tired per say, but just not motivated to do anything. Another thing, it is NOT morning sickness, it is all day! I get the most nauseous when I try to think about what I want to eat. Popsicles and cold things are the best. I have started throwing up, but that’s almost a relief. I’m praying this will end at 12 weeks. It did lighten up yesterday though so there is hope! I know it will all be worth it though and it won’t be forever.

We had our first appointment September 12th, and got to hear the heart beat and see the baby. My Doctor is Dr. Godfrey. The girl I work with, her Mom was a labor and delivery nurse for 26 years and she recommended him. I’ve heard nothing but good. He was a little rushed at the first appointment, but he did take time for us to ask questions. I think he will be good. I had thought about going to a birthing center in Fort Worth, just because I’ve always wanted to try and have the baby natural with not drugs. The more I thought about it though, I don’t think its for me right now. I’d have to take off so much from work for the prenatal visits. I just didn’t want to add that on to everything else that was going on. I think it will work out fine having the baby at United Regional.

I hope to start updating the blog more because these are definetly times that I want to remember.