Weekend Recap

30 Sep

We had a very relaxing weekend! My Mom went out-of-town this weekend so I was in charge of picking my brother and sister up from school. I picked my brother up first and we went to Sam’s. It’s so nice having him be old enough to help. I seriously still remember him being the same age as Noah. Time sure does fly! We picked Carlie up after tennis and headed home. Later I took her to her martial arts class and me and Jarrett hung out. G had to work that night so I called it an early night.

Saturday I got up with Noah and we just hung out til G got up at 12. We went over to my parents because my other sister had come in with her son. They are seriously getting so big! Sean has always been more mobile than Noah. He was rolling over like a month ago. Noah could roll from belly to back, but not from back to belly. We put them on the floor to play and see if Noah could pick up on any of Sean’s skills! Sure enough he did! Sunday we put him down and he started rolling from his back to his belly!

Later Saturday both the babies went down at the same time! This was a miracle in itself! They always do different things at different times! We all decided to take off on a run. We left Jarrett there in case anyone woke up. I did 2 miles. Slowly but surely. I HATE being sooo slow! It’s not even like I get out of breath, but my shins cramp up, and I have a spot in my back that cramps up. I know that in order to get better just to keep at it though! Gah! When we got back the babies were awake so we decided to go eat.

The babies did so good. They just hung out with us!

We started giving Noah a bath in the bathtub in is baby bath. He loved it and you can tell he was more relaxed. Last night we put him in his bumbo because he’s sitting up so much better with it and he can lean over and splash. We thought it would just sit in the bath tub, but it will flip over so we had to hold it down. Noah LOVED it though. He kept crawling over to the sides to splash. He’s so much more fun now that he can play!

Sunday Noah slept til 7, and G got up and fed him and he went back to sleep til 10! That was a MIRACLE! We got up and went to church. It was friend and family day, so we had a pot luck lunch. I always love when the church does that! After church me and Noah got a nice nap in then we headed to a friend’s house to watch the cowboys. They lost, but oh well. Can’t win them all.


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