Progress, NOT Perfection

10 Sep

This is a little phrase that I always here MamaLaughlin talk about. Its true. This is all about a journey, and there is no way we are going to get it 100% right 100% of the time. It’s ok to have more carbs one day than another, or to have more or fewer calories one day. The difference this time, is I’ve realized, that tomorrow’s a new day. I don’t have to wait til Monday, or the 1st to start over, I can start with the next meal, or the next opportunity I have to work out I can push a little harder. Something else I realized is I don’t just need to focus on food. I need to focus on physical things. I want to be able to run a 5K in at least under 45 min, so I need to work on that. I’m not even walking a 5K right now ha. Also I want to ride my bike further. I need to get my butt on that thing to get it used to it, so it won’t hurt so bad!

This is kind of rambling post, but these are just some of the things that have been on my mind. We haven’t really been up to a whole lot here lately. Just working on eating healthy and working out. Friday night I went with my SIL and helped her help her cousin out at a concession stand for her son (that’s confusing) Saturday I woke up early I don’t know why because Noah slept in and we just lazed around. That night we got ready and went and ate with some friends. We left Noah with my SIL and BIL. That was weird. I’ve left him before. I’ve even left him with them before. I leave him every day to go to work, and 3 days a week to go work out, but to leave him to go have fun, was weird. I didn’t like it. I immediately wanted to turn around and go get him. It was a friend’s birthday and she came in town so we could all go out to eat for it. It was fun getting together with them, but I really don’t want to leave him like that all the time. I don’t know it just wasn’t as fun as it used to be.

This is Noah and his cousin Sean. They were both looking at this little car toy my sister had.

Noah is almost rolling over

This is Noah with his friends Emerson and Jake. We went out to eat for a friend’s birthday the weekend before last and these were the kids there. Us parents have been friends since early high school, so I’m hoping they will be friends for just as long. Noah took a big boy bath with Jake. Jake just loves to splash. Noah doesn’t sit up too well so I just laid him down and he kicked and kicked to splash. He had fun!

These are tacos we made with cauliflower tortillas. They were good. We’ve been using cauliflower a lot to cut out the carbs. Just blend the cauliflower smaller than rice. Take out 2 cups and microwave that for 2 min, then stir then microwave again for 2 min. Then put in a dish towel or paper towel and squeeze out the water. Then mix with 2 eggs, salt, and pepper. Make 6 little circles on a baking sheet. Bake at 375 on 1 side for 10 min then on the other for 7. Then get a pan really hot and sear them one at a time in the pan, that makes it kind of crispy and that’s it. The small ones held up really well!

Burger without a bun. This wasn’t too bad either. Next time I may just have lettuce on it and eat it with a fork. It got a little messy. The Sweet Potato fries were good. I’m going to have them with Paleo Chicken strips next!

Noah making out with Sophie, that giraffe sure did cost enough, he better make out with her!

Noah with his cousins Saturday night, living it up on the town! They’re so cute!


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