I’m Back… Noah’s Birth Story!

19 Aug

I’m Back! Ok so its almost near impossible for me to post while I’m at home, I either don’t have time, or don’t want to.. ha.  I thought I should get on here and post about Noah’s birth before I forget it all. 

I was due April 19th as of April 23, I hadn’t done anything as far as dilating.  I walked 2 miles a day, I had acupuncture done, I took prime rose oil, and inserted it you know where, and I did EVERYTHING you could think of to help me go into labor…. NOTHING worked.  I did NOT want to be induced, I wanted to go into labor naturally and even maybe try it with out the epidural.  Well that was not in the cards for me.  I didn’t want to go to 42 weeks because there are some dangers with that.  Friday the 26th I would be 1 week over due, and my sister would be 2 weeks over due, so they were inducing her that Friday, so I opted to start the induction process that Wednesday and be induced on Thursday.

Wednesday April 24th… was the day all the induction stuff was going to start.  That morning we slept in! Boy am I glad we did.  I’m pretty sure that was the last day for the rest of our lives that we’ll ever get.  I had the hardest time sleeping when I was pregnant, not even because I was uncomfortable, but just because I’d wake up wide awake at like 4 and not be able to go back to sleep! 

We got up got our bags packed and got ready to go.  We didn’t have to call in til like 3:30 to see if they had a bed for us so we went and got pedicures! That’s right both me and G.  He hasn’t ever had one, but I talked him into it and he liked it alright.  After we got done with that I called at 3:30 and they asked if I could be there at 4! ahhhh I was like OK so we hurried and ran up there.  My nurses name was Laura and turns out we had worked at the same place previously.  Well her last day was the Fri before I started that Monday.  She had gone back to school and became a nurse.  She was sooo awesome! All of my nurses were, they made it a really great experience! That night they just put the cervidil in me.  It is suppose to rippen the cervix and make you dialate, some women even go into labor with it.  Well I didn’t.  I did hang out, and some friends came up and visited me.  We all just sat around and talked.  We went to sleep, or tried to at about 9 or 10.  They gave me some stuff to help me sleep which was awesome! Me and G did wake up about 2 though to a lady screaming her head off, that was kind of scary, thinking that could be what’s to come later that day.  Here comes 4:30..and they start the pitocin…. I felt fine.  They changed the rule to where you could have clear liquids, so I could have popsicles and jello, and sprite, it was actually nice.  Dr. Godfrey came about 7:30 and checked me and I was still a 0 womp womp.  That hurt though!  Lupe and my Mom got there about 8.  My dad came, but I’m not really sure what time.  I was absolutely fine.  The thing that hurt the most was I had to have a blood pressure cuff on and it would ck my blood pressure every once in a while… and that hurt! ha I was having contractions, but nothing I felt really.  I kept saying, so am I in labor..hahah so I could tell Noah how long I was in labor with him.  They kept saying no…Well at 12:30 Dr. Godfrey came back and checked me again and I was like at a 1.5, so he decided to break my water…GAH that hurt… and I curled into a ball on the side of my bed til 3.  That was AWEFUL! I wanted to wait to get the epidural because I wanted to dialate! They had a medicine they could give me every hour, but it only worked for 30 min.  I asked for it every hour, it was the only way I could manage.  Dr. Godfrey wanted me to be at a 3 before I got the epidural.  At 2:30 I was like I can NOT manage anymore this is ridiculous! My Mom, Lupe, and G were all rubbing me. That felt good, but if they would push on me in the slightest I just felt horrible.  At 2:30 I was still barely a 2, but the Dr. okayed the epidural.  It seemed like forever waiting on the anesthesiologist to come and give it to me.  The only time I got testy with anyone was when the Dr. walked in the room to give it to me and G leaned over and was telling me they would just be in the hall.  I said “OK GO TO THE HALL so I can get this!” That man was amazing! He told me exactly where he was going to poke me and exactly where it was going to hurt.  Then I felt instant relief! I’m talking instant! I recommend an epidural to EVERYONE! It was awesome, that’s a feeling everyone should feel! haha.  When everyone came back in the room I was a different person.  We talked for a little bit, then as it became later I told everyone to go eat dinner do I could take a nap.  When they did that the nurse came in and put a ball between my legs to see if that would help.  I slept with that for an hour and a half.  They checked me again about 6:30 and still nothing.  The nurse talked to me and said that its really looking like I’ll need a c-section.  They could have let me go into the night, but I wasn’t doing anything at all! I said ok, and I really was ok with it.  I had tried EVERYTHING! I also didn’t mention it earlier, but Noah had pooped so he had merconium in his fluid, so I was soooo glad that we had gone ahead and induced.  I told Dr. Godfrey thank you! Anyway back to the c-section.  The nurse called the Dr. and told him I was ok with it at about 7 he said ok lets go in at 8.  My Mom and G hurried back and hurried up and got changed and the nurses got me ready.  It was really fast and crazy! I was just laying there watching all of this.  I had to just not think that I’m fixing to be cut open with my guts on my chest! ha In 7th grade I had gone in with my Aunt when she had her c-section.  That was crazy.  I saw how her stomach and guts were on her chest, and that’s all I tried not to think about! ha.  They got me on the table and Noah was out at 8:21! He pinked up really fast and screamed and was in GREAT shape! I was soooo happy! G got to go over while they were cleaning him up.  They brought him over to me and put us cheek to cheek, then they went out and went to the nursery and everyone got to see him through the glass.  

They sowed me up and took me to recovery.  The scariest thing about the whole thing was moving from the operating table to the bed to take me to recovery.  They sorta roll you back and forth an I swore I was going to fall! ha I still remember that feeling!

My Mom was instantly there and they brought Noah right away.  I did throw up a little then.  That was crazy.  Then my Mom helped me breast feed Noah for the first time! That was awesome! My left arm was numb, so she held him and just helped me.  

That first night was GREAT he slept for 3 hours then I nursed him and he slept for another 3 hours, so me and G felt really rested for our visitors.  That day is kind of a blur.  Lots of people came and visited us, but yet it didn’t seem too overwhelming.  

Healing from a c-section, for me was not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out.  I was up and about the next day and felt great.  They only problem I had was my back was soooo weak! I don’t know if that’s just pregnancy though. I tried to walk alot on my maternity leave to get that strength built back up and I’d say its about 75% there.

Noah is an amazing baby! He is very easy! The first couple of nights he did wake up crying alot, like every 45 min, so we rotated, G got him the first time and I nursed him the second.  We realized he would sleep when he was held, so we would rock him until he fell asleep and then put him in this rock n play next to the bed.  He was swaddled and we would put blankets around his body, not near his head.  He slept there til he was a lot older.  On the 3rd night he started sleeping 5 hours at a time, and there have been very few times where he hasn’t slept 5 hours at a time.  There were a few he slept more….more on that later.  

Overall it has been a huge adjustment! When people say its work, they aren’t lying! but it is sooo worth it! I LOVE him more than anything EVER imaginable! He is amazing! 




Me before labor002








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